poem in honor of tweet like werner herzog day
poem in honor of tweet like werner herzog day

the tragedy of humankind is that
our fate to destroy one another is
only unavoidable because we seek
ourselves annihilation. if we willed

to survive together we would have
no need for the wanton displeasures
of greed. simply gaze at the animal
world. from pods of whales to colonies
of ants life is a series of obsessions
impulsively followed with so many
others exactly like us at our side

wandering blind in grand choreography.
motivated by machinery set in motion
before we were even born our industry
makes us less than whole. so to find more
we turn in circles until stumbling across

desires not less than we hoped for. we
pledge primal oaths and sanguine spill
blood. we declare war to clamor for peace.

we shut out the sun’s light to find
only ourselves solitary in the dark.

Separation (an Accidental Sonnet)
Separation (an Accidental Sonnet)
for those countless children orphaned by a malevolent State

1   blue wails surfeit fluorescent
    mausoleum walls flooded with
    sheer fear those young
    tears spend less time
5   falling but remain still
    who do we think
    we are anyways brutal
    retribution to follow shortly
    but suffering persists longer
10  than we will
    care because we broke
    so many
    hearts that can never be
    mended (again)